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Panama Shipping Agency and Services will provide you a clear understanding of the Panama Canal transit operation. All information required for transit The Panama Canal must be submitted utilizing the Electronic Data Collection System-EDCS (Web or CIG), at least 96 hours prior to arrival at Panama Canal waters. In case our clients can not submit the information by the EDCS or CIG web portal, they can send the information required to the PSAS operation department via email using the following forms:

ETA/Ship due(form 4376)
Cargo Declaration of Vessel passing through the Canal (form 4363)
Passenger List (form 20)
Crew list for Incoming Vessels (form 1509)

On arrival, vessels are required to provide a hard copy of the Ship’s Information and Quarantine Declaration-SIQD (form 4398) completely filled out.

Please refer to the ETA reporting section

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Panama Shipping Agency and Services, S.A. (PSAS) is a private company incorporated and based in the Republic of Panama. PSAS is holder of a valid operation license to operate as a “Port Agent” in any port of the Republic of Panama and recognized as a steamship agent by the Panama Canal Authority to represent the vessel for the transit operation.
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